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Promotional SMS

These days the competition in business world increases rapidly. Communications play a vital role in between the business and users. Today’s life is very hectic, no one have time to communicate without any important reason, and so we are here to make the effective communication with reliable users through the Promotional Bulk SMS. Promotional SMS offers the convenient and most effective ‘means of promotion’ that completely designed for the promotion of product, services or company to the targeted audience.

It is the most effective mode of promotion as compare to others like Newspapers, Magazines, TV’s because the promotional bulk SMS sent the text to the targeted people on a single timeframe. Promotional SMS is a wonderful service that sent messages in the small bunches frequently to handle any queries used for sales and marketing. This service also ensures that you establish the sound relationship with the users.

Bulk promotion SMS offers the cheapest SMS marketing that used for promoting the products, features, the brand, events and other fresh merchandise immediately.

Some important features of Promotional Bulk SMS:
Sent SMS in different languages like Hindi, English, Gujarati, Marathi etc.
SMS time table for the future communication
Do not disclose the sender’s information
Do not charge for DND numbers (not deliver)

High-quality Promotional Bulk SMS:
Quick delivery to 100% within 30 seconds
Promotional SMS is allowed from: 10:00am to 10:00pm
DND Filter

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