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Short code SMS

Short Code is a pre-defined five digit numbers that configured with all circle of mobile operators in a particular nation. These are virtual numbers which are not accepted any direct call from the customers; it works with the SMS-based applications to retrieve the information from any kind of database and give reply message for free.

Short Code SMS Service has two types:-

Dedicated Short Code SMS Service
Shared Short Code SMS Service

Dedicated Short Code SMS Service offers you a unique five digit text message code number that works only for your applications. So we allot or create a unique short code for you and designed unlimited application on it.

Example: send “START” on 56767

Shared Short Code SMS Service offers a common five-digit short code. We will give you five digit numbers with the keyword that work for your applications. This number is shared with the other users also as a short code number for their businesses.

Example: send “START” on 56767

Features of Short Code SMS:
* Unlimited Free Auto Reply
* Unlimited sub keywords supported
* SMS Alert
* Email Alert
* URL Forwarding
* Free Customer Support

Use Short Code Service

The Short Code SMS Service is use for lead promotion by bulk SMS, online advertisements, print media and TV channels. This service is generally used for mobile verification systems. It is very useful for SMS subscription activations, stock updates, stock checking, mobile tracking and so on.

Some common short code service providers in India

There are various Mobile VAS companies in India, who provide Short Code. See some famous short code numbers 56070, 56677, 53030, 58888, 56767, 57333, 57575, 56263, 54242, 53636, 53456 etc.

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